UX Automation: Tufts Automated Tour

The current interactive Tufts Map on their website. The website does not currently have the capability to give a tour to a student when they are on campus or provide helpful information for a daily visit. This is an existing website

I will be focused on this section of the website. Designs only apply to this part.

This is the start of my newly designed interactive map menu. The next screens will go through a series of actions as if a prospective student were to use it.

Highlighted in this box is what I’ve changed and you will continue to see this throughout the prototype

The browse function still keeps the capabilities that were on the website before.

This highlighted function allows a prospective student plan their day at Tufts as if they were a current Tufts student. The details of this function is the scope of my project.

Here shows the different pages of information that may be of interest to a prospective student.

When Shadowing a student after entering your interests, the top three current student’s schedules pop up that fit their interests. Current students would volunteer their information to admissions so prospective students could go about a day like one of these students on their own.

When choosing one student, more information about them appears as well as their highlighted route on the map.

After pressing start, the map shows their schedule with appropriate times and helps the user go through the schedule while on campus.

This is an example of the map step by step guiding the user to their next destination.

This screen would pop up when the user passes by a building that the system may think would be of interest to the user. Information as well as in image of the user’s viewpoint appears.

To go to a different part of campus, there is a free shuttle at Tufts. The online map service appears to show the user where the shuttle is. This service is used universally by current Tufts students.


This project was to redesign the current Tufts interactive map provided on their website to incorporate automation into the tour experience. As of today, the Tufts website does not provide information for a virtual tour at Tufts, and the information they do provide doesn’t give insight into the daily life of a Tufts student. I went with the website design that could also be opened in a mobile browser to access realtime location. My focus was to enrich the prospective student’s experience by allowing them to visit Tufts and go about their day as if they were a current student. This is to allow them to get a feel for what campus life is really like at Tufts.


Individual project. I researched tour websites, designed screens, and did usability testing.


Human Factors Human Machine-Design systems course


December 2014


Marvel Prototype, final paper