Business Proposal: Pair.


The concept behind Pair is to connect neighbors who can borrow/lend items. The problem we found was that people needed to use items such as a snowblower in the winter, or an egg for baking but didn’t own one and couldn’t get to a store. We thought about how to merge the idea of Uber and Yik Yak, two apps that College students use into this idea of sharing. The solution my team proposed is a location based mobile application which allows users to lend items to their neighbors that are asked for on the Wishlist. Every lend, or “share” grants a user a Karma Point. With a certain number of Karma points, the user can then borrow items. This promotes a sense of community and allows people to use items or equipment they wouldn’t be able to acquire otherwise. Push notifications, ad referrals and top lenders are just a few of its core features. Opportunity for expansion. Scope of this project was just to make a business proposal, no actual prototype was created.


Manage the team of 4 and propose the marketing section of Pair in the final presentation


The College Share App


April 2015