Watercolor Paintings

I took a watercolor course at Tufts where I got to explore my artistic painting side. This is my final painting.

This first collage of a strawberry. This was my first watercolor painting

This is of this apple in monochrome.

This orange painting goal was to bring in light and color in the shadow

Cosmos. I took this photo of the flower in my mom’s garden. I then brought out the shadow in the background to accentuate the colors

This tulip was brought to class, and I painted it from life. First I lay down the yellow foundation color, and green for the leaves. I find my lightest lights and my darkest darks. Smoothening out the veins and adding in the coloring of the leaves including the shadows. Leaving the final masterpiece which was exhibited in the Tisch Library

Quick grapefruit project, turned out really well.

Final Project: Painting this photo I took of the Mystic Seaport. Added lots of layering and editing to get a real life feeling.

The Final Gallery Day!


In my last semester at Tufts I took a Watercolor class with Kate Finnegan as the instructor. I have grown so much from this experience as an artist and as a person, to appreciate my own photography and paintings as they stand. I see things in a new light and am excited to share my works here. Here you can see the comparisons of the object, beginning work and final piece.

I am currently designing greeting cards and postcards with my watercolor skills. Am happy to design one for you!


Jan 2015-May 2015


9x14 Pieces

Painting Supplies

Windsor Paint and Arches Paper