Animation: New Employee Training Videos

Made in Scratch, this video covers the basics of classroom management

The first video in the training series is the History of the program to learn about why we exist and who made this organization possible. Made in Scratch.

The second video in the training series is how to send an intro email to your teacher

The third video is about setting classroom Norms made in Hue Animation

For new STOMPers this is helpful to set up a lesson. It’s partner video, Wrap ups is next.

The same concept, but wrapping up the lesson!

Made in Scratch, this video covers tips for maintaining the student’s engagement with STOMP in their classroom


My work at the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach included the production of a series of short films for the new STOMPer training program. These light-hearted videos serve as a resource for Tufts Students to help them go from novice teachers to pros!


Ideator, creator, producer, designer


Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program


August 2015



Video Software

Scratch, Hue Animation, iMovie